Monday, June 16, 2003

Thursday Night/Friday
Ok, so, Thursday was my last post. So, let's catch you all up. Thursday night, it started out at a party hosted by friend G's place of employment. It was at a midtown location, sorta fancy like, yet sorta not. It added an interesting air to the early evening. Post party, we had to stop in for some strawberry vodka at Nectar on 32nd and 2nd. Interesting place, only I felt 10 years older than everyone else.

I'm not sure what's up with that feeling lately, it's been hitting me more and more. Maybe that's why I am living a more decadent and irresponsible life lately. Something has to give, I wonder what'll fail first ..

So this strawberry vodka was certainly different. It was in a huge apothecary type jar (like the type you'd find in the laboratory of a mad scientist!) and it was filled with strawberrys and vodka. The first sensation is an overwhelming taste of strawberries which is really nice, especially since I love strawberries. Then the vokda kicks in, which, if you are a vodka fan, is cool. I'm not a huge fan of straight vodka, not to mention it was pretty potent. I limited myself to only one. At this point in time friend H and I are starving. Time to eat, and where else is there to go on a Thursday night other than ... yep, you guessed it, Nancy Whiskey Pub.

Did I mention it was so humid Thursday that I felt like I wasn't moving through the air but rather, swimming. The first icey cold Double Diamond went down quite nice and quite quick. After dinner as consumed (beef empanadas), the drinking started in earnest. Wasn't long and the shots started to flow nicely. This seemed to have jump started friend H, so it turned into a 3a night (morning?). I ended up crashing at his place on the couch, I'm becoming a wee bit too familiar with his couch, I need to move into the city at some point if I'm going to maintain this lifestyle.

I was able to struggle into work about the time of the market open, which is a good thing. Friday, ended up going home and I was fast asleep by 11:30p. Which means a bright and early start to my Saturday.

Up bright and early ready for my first cup of coffee. It's a weekend ritual with me, I must make coffee on the weekends, I usually go through an entire pot. I've been thinking about grinding my own blends and getting a vacuum brewing style pot. Seems like a lot of work, but I do enjoy my coffee.

I'm watching the weather all day and the prediction is for scattered but severe thunderstorms, which they mathematically give it a 30% chance of actually raining. Where do they get these numbers from? Is there some theorist formula that they derive a percentage from? Anyway, I finally decide to hit up Central Park and blade. As soon as I get into Central Park, near the band shell and BAM! The heavens open up and release a torrential outpouring of aqua (that's Spanish for water, for those that don't speak the language). I'm standing there, with my blades on, umbrella over me, trying to stay sorta dry. It's not working too well, and I suffer like this for about 45 minutes before the rain finally slackens. Now, what do I do? I skate down 6th Ave., through even more rain.

A note for the curiious here; the ball bearings are not fond of getting wet and that much exposure basically ruined my bearings. I'll have to order another set. So, it's down 6th Ave., quite wet on the outside. I get into Tribeca, and I decide it's probably a good idea to take a break and get a little wet on the inside, so, into Nancy Whiskey I go. I didn't get out until after 1a, and several beers later. So it's already shaping up to be nice inhebriated night, what's new!

About 2a, I'm back in my neighborhood, Bensonhurst baby. Yes, this is the famous Brooklyn neighborhood where all the mobsters seem to have come from. I stop off at Bluez, since I'm now somewhat sober (ha!) and decide that I've already started, might as well continue on through the night. Two hours later, and several beers and shots of tequila (both Cuervo, yuck! and Patron Anejo, yummm!) I sorta stumble towards home.

Now I say towards home because I only actually made it to the front of my building when I decided it would be a good idea to skate down to Coney Island and watch the sunrise. Now, I probably had little to no business getting on blades, in my current state. Oh well, I may be a bright bulb, but sometimes someone else is turning the dimmer switch. It was a beautiful night, what better to finish it than with a beautiful sunrise.

I think I missed the sunrise and I'm not sure where it comes up at and it was probably blocked by one of the buildings down there. I did get some nice pictures of the sky and the skyline, although they are night shots and didn't come out that great, but still, nice. After sitting down there for a couple of hours soul searching, I decided I wasn't going to find what I was looking for just then, so home I go, and bed, 6a. Nice!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Do you believe in the old wives tale that says that chocolate will make you break out with a fresh case of acne? I hope it's false, because I just ate one and a half chocolate donuts. I'm bad; I can't just eat a half a donut. I have to eat one more whole donut. I'm about to go get some lunch too! I used to eat a Boston creme donut everyday, but got worried about getting fat. Ha! If you know me, you know this is not really possible, but it sounds good.
So, I am trying my hand at a little poetry. I'm not sure it has any terrible meaning and I'm not even sure it could be considered poetry, but I like it.

I know, that's pretty bad, but that's my prerogative. You should read some of my haiku; that'll really put the fear of my written word into you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Washington DC
It seems I have been quite remiss in my duties of keeping everyone informed of what's going on. So, I suppose now is a good time to do this update thing. It's a quiet morning here at the locale of my daily toil. Quiet is how I like it, it means at some point I've done my job right and everything is working.

This weekend, friend G and I took a ROAD TRIP! down to Washington DC. We left relatively early on Saturday morning braving the rain that has plagued the East Coast for better than a week straight. Enough already! The trip down was uneventful, just slow, due to some serious traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike due to some lame accident. It was lame because for all the traffic it created, we didn't see any bodies covered with white sheets on the side of the road. If you are going to create that big of a delay, on a major thoroughfare, at least give us some bloody carnage and death!

Washington DC was a complete surprise to me; for some reason I had formulated this pre-conceived notion of a city not unlike New York (not that I'm comparing the two, New York is just my baseline reference for any city anymore). We stayed downtown (near Ave. M NW and 20th St.) in a fancy schmancy hotel, complete with an upgrade to a suite; that was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

We think we found a few ways to appease the rain gods. As soon as we made it to Washington DC, the rain seemed to have abated to some degree. So, first, take a road trip, and when you get to your destination the rain will (conceivable) slacken. The real offering to the gods was the alcohol, as we finished our first cocktail, the rain complete subsided. While sitting at the bar, we noticed a strange aspect about it; there were ASHTRAYS copiously located on it. You can SMOKE without having to go outside and congregate in front of the drinking establishment looking like a bunch of hoodlums; ahhh to be back in a civilized location (as it applies to bar life).

Friends A and K arrive (friends of friend G as I had not met them before) a wee bit later and we are off to Georgetown in search of pre-dinner cocktails and then some dinner. During cocktails, it's amazing how small the world can be, as I'm talking about an acquaintance I know on-line, it seems that friends A and K know of him as well. Small small world. Dinner is an uneventful event at a plain diner-style restaurant. What's a diner style restaurant? I don't know, you figure it out. Dinner concluded, everyone is happily smoking away (yes, SMOKING INSIDE A RESTAURANT), and plans for a trip to the Adams Morgan neighborhood gel.

One cab ride later and we arrive in Adams Morgan where friend G immediately eyeballs an establishment named 'Angry Inch'. Being the big Hedwig and the Angry Inch fan that she is, we made directly for the front door (right after a picture was taken of the facade). The disappointment with this establishment was the lack of any TV playing the movie in an infinite loop and the lack of any Hedwig movie propaganda pieces. It was slightly redeemed with their beer selection, anyone who has the champagne of beer can't be all THAT bad. For the record, yes, I did drink one and yes, it was awesome. We knew it was time to leave when the jukebox kicked up with some good 'ol country AND western and I started singin' along.

The next stop on the Great Adams Morgan Tour of June 2003 was Madams Organ. Now, for you less than quick witted people (which is a category I fell into as I didn't realize for hours); Madams Organ is a play on words of Adams Morgan; I'll leave it up to you, the reader, to figure out just how the word-play goes. Madams Organ starts out ominously, with a neon sign over the door that reads, "Sorry We're Open". Add to that a smaller sign that says red heads drink for half-price. Madams is a tri-level bar, with a stage for the live entertainment on the first floor. The second floor has a couple of pool tables, which is always a positive element in any bar as far as I'm concerned, and the third 'floor' is really the roof. Almost tiki bar like, but not quite so tropical feeling. We took ourselves up to the top and let the wild times fly.

Our bartender for the evening was quite accommodating as it applies to achieving the enigmatic state of AaronMExtremeDrunk(tm). It all started with the tequila (no, they didn't have Patron at this bar so I was reduced to consuming Jose Cuervo. I mean really people, this is the 2000s, get with the program, Jose is ASS), it always starts with tequila for me, and quickly became a shot fest, with the shots being a varied assortment of whatever creative the bartender could come up with that we haven't had before. Friend G seemed to enjoy the chocolate cake shot. What makes this all really good is that he was liberal with the shots (and their frequency) and not so cash needy, always a great combination of attributes to find in a barkeep.

To cap the night off, we needed to get our dance groove on. For this, friends A and K suggested we take a trip to the Black Lobster. Now, this is not the name of the establishment, this is merely the secret squirrel name given to it due to the fact that by day, it's a restaurant that resembles a Red Lobster, and by night it becomes the pinnacle of the Saturday night Goth scene. When I say 'pinnacle of the Saturday night Goth scene', think of sarcasm. Think of dripping oozing flowing sarcasm, similar the snot like substance in Ghostbusters II flowing under the streets of Manhattan. I'm by no means any expert in the Goth scene or the associated fashion, but even I could tell this was the Wal-Mart version of people being Goth. It made for some pretty decent amusement however, and I was quickly getting close to AaronMExtremeDrunk(tm); yes more tequila was acquired, and again, no Patron was available. Note to self: bring a flask of Patron next time. Utilikilts were in full effect.

It seems that once I reach a certain level of drunk, most notably AaronMExtremeDrunk(tm), I lose track of what I may or may not say, and sometimes stick my foot in my mouth or do other such stupid things. For this, I publicly apologize, I don't mean it to be derogatory, I just get REALLY UNINHIBITED! I was informed I started walking down quite a prolific road of verbal foolishness. I claim alcohol induced insanity, it's my right and as long as no animals were harmed in the wake of my foolishness, it's ok.

Luckily, I was able to sleep just long enough to have allowed my body to work on mitigating the feelings of the post AaronMExtremeDrunk(tm) scenario. The hangover the next day can be frighteningly painful. Food was required, and friend G picked a great spot to get some brunch, Asylum. Picture a basement bar, probably filled with big burly bikers at night, but I don't think it is. It just has that air too it. Sunday at Asylum rocks, because they have brunch AND free pool. The brunch was quite tasty. On the pool side, met a cat there named DuMont, got in a few games with him, won most games, lost a few. My pool game is pretty sharp, but it definitely could use some more consistent play.

Brunch consumed (friend G has some vegan French(freedom?) Toast, said it was quite tasty), we have a few hours to kill before moving on to the next friend meet in Maryland. So, we walk around Adams Morgan a bit; it is a cool little neighborhood, lots of different cuisines and drinking establishments. Not like Georgetown, that leaves me feeling like I've just walked through a mix between SOHO and the West Village. We run across a deli that's named "So's Your Mom". I wonder how they came up with a name like that. The main 'strip' that is Adams Morgan isn't terribly a large land mass, so we quickly exhaust the site seeing potential and determine it's time to become TRUE TOURISTS.

You know, if you don't work real hard on it, it's hard to distinguish the sound of 'tourist' and 'terrorist'. I work very near to Wall St. in New York, and the tourists are thicker than flies swarming around a hot steaming pile. Anyway, they have a look about them, you can almost always spot them, and they'll do the most annoying thing ever. You are walking along, stepping spryly, and BAM! right in the middle of your path, the tourist STOPS! Then they have the audacity to be upset and give you a dirty look as you muttering death threats at them. So, it was MY TURN to play the happy fun tourist, but alas, my hate for the role is so strong, that I couldn't effectively pull it off.

First stop, the White House (not this White House). Ok, so I'm a fool. I thought the White House had the dome on top of it, it doesn't, that's the Capitol Building. We also, from a distance, admired the nation's phallus (as friend G likes to refer to it as), also known as the Washington Monument.

As we are proceeding towards the Lincoln Memorial there's a large 'pond' in the Constitution Gardens. Given all the rain that the East Coast has received recently, it's not hard to fathom that the pond overflowed it's banks at some point in the past few days. The water had receded, however several puddles were left behind. As we walk around the pond, I notice a ripple in one of the puddles, and I just stop quickly to investigate, thinking it's probably just a frog. Low and behold, it's Norbert. Norbert is not yet Norbert at this time, the soon-to-be-Norbert is just a baby fish that had been caught in the puddle. Norbert's days are numbered, as the pool of water is going to shrink and eventually dry up. As I point this little factoid out to friend G, I realize that I've just committed to rescuing Norbert.

Friend G is immediately in Animal Rescue mode and searching with fervor for something to use as an implement to move Norbert from the puddle to pond. She can't find anything cup-like, so out comes her Mr. Winkle postcard. Now, if you heard friend G's eardrum-shattering shriek-of-delight when she first discovered the postcard and now she's prepared to sacrifice it for Norbert, you'd recognize just how important this task was. I did hear that shriek-of-delight so I know the severity of this situation. This fish WILL be rescued.

As she begins to chase the little fish around the puddle, I can't help but chuckle to myself. There is NO WAY she will be able to scoop under Norbert and fling him into the water. The puddle is just big enough to make straddling it difficult for her and I finally take over. Now I'm attempting to fling Norbert from puddle-to-pond, thinking to myself it's not going to happen, Norbert is a speedy little bugger. During this time, we have quite the crowd gathering, wondering just what these two crazy people are doing (that would be friend G and I). What scares me the most, is we are basically playing in a puddle and people are STOPPING TO WATCH. Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, a fellow concerned citizen wanders by and offers up a bowl, the variety that margarine comes in. This concerned citizen is immediately granted access to the Friend G's Animal Rescue Team. Taking bowl in hand, I attempt to catch Norbert. He's still fast, but after a few failed scoop attempts, I tire him out and finally am able to catch him. After we introduce ourselves, we officially name him, Norbert. Into the pond Norbert goes and life is returned to happiness. We continue our walk towards the Lincoln Memory, now checking every puddle along the way for friends and family of Norbert. Luckily, everyone seemed to be happily existing in the pond proper and not in any puddles.

Our stint as tourists concluded and we are now making our way towards Maryland to meet with friends J and L (again, friends of G as I've never met them before). On the way, we decide to throw caution to the wind and travel in the 'general direction' of I-95. This proves to be amusing because we can't seem to head in that general direction, the streets just don't cooperate. Luckily, friend L was on the phone, trusty MapQuest map in the background navigating for us remotely. Eventually, we finally make progress and reach the required Interstate, the journey through residential Northwest DC was fun though.

We arrive at our Maryland destination and I meet friends J and L. Friend J is funny, while we are conversing about this and that, we get onto the topic of Robbin Williams and his latest show. Robbin does a skit about a Scotsman describing a game, that he calls golf. Friend J does it perfectly, complete with accent, it was hilarious. "And you do it once?" "Fuuuuuuuck no, you do it eighteen fuckin' tiimes!"

I lived in suburban America pretty much all my life up until I moved to New York City. Driving from friends J and L's apartment to dinner was an amazing flashback of that part of my life. This part of Maryland reminded me exactly of suburban anywhere USA. I do NOT miss this at all. I much prefer the city. Dinner was a surprisingly good strip mall based Japanese restaurant.

Road Home
The journey from Washington DC back to Brooklyn is far less eventful. The weather is good, the traffic is light, and we make excellent time. Somewhere, maybe about a third of the way into the journey, we come up with the idea to miss the I-295 split to hit the New Jersey Turnpike and just take I-95 straight up to Philadelphia. Philadelphia can be whirlwind toured in about a day, it's a fantastic idea! But alas, we did not execute on it, perhaps next time.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Well look at my results. I can't even descend into the depths of hell with any conviction.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Fourth Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Moderate
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Do you ever wonder if you can differentiate people by the way they prefer the toliet paper to roll off the spool? Personally, I'm an over-the-top kind of guy. I feel that the paper product should roll up and over the top. I know people who feel it should come from underneath. I have also talked to people that just don't care from which direction their paper product dispenses. I suppose the ergonomics (that means how your bathroom is laid out, in layman's terms) of your bathroom could potentially influence the reason you may roll-over or roll-under as well.

I wonder what other unusual traits people have that could be defining for them. What about the way you tie your shoes? Are you a double looper person? Or do you make a single loop and wrap around? Me, I'm a single loop type of guy. Perhaps you are really different and use this method of tying your shoes. I tried using that method, while it works, it feels very unnatural and strange. Of course, that's because I've been doing it a different way all the years of my existence. Go figure it feels funky!

Monday, June 02, 2003

Well, I tried late last night to do an update for my loyal and loving fans out there. Unfortunately, it seems something went wrong somewhere and I lost the update, and since it was after 1a, I said to hell with it. I'll just recreate it tomorrow sometime.

So, to complete the weekend update ... After the drinking and general mayhem of Friday night and early Saturday, I regained consciousness around noon (or slighty after) on friends H and A's futon. They were, of course, still quite passed out, or so I assume that was their state. I slowly made my way towards home, surviving an hour or better of torment on the subway. I'm usually quite tolerante of the subway, as it allows me to make my way pretty much anywhere in the city that I want, as drunk as I want. But whilst hungover, I wish for much faster service methods, perhaps maybe transporters, as exist in the world of Star Trek.

Once finally home, I passed out again, until plans with friend G were arranged. Turns out, design a dinner event that involved meeting up with friends J and I (they make such a wonderful looking couple!) in Carroll Gardens for some dinner at Zaytoons. Zaytoons is really good Mediterranean and the like. In typical friend G fashion, we certainly can't enjoy dessert at the same place we ate our dinner at, which was ok with me, last time I had a dessert at Zaytoons, it tasted like soap. Yes, I said soap.

After dessert, friend G and myself visited the local Blockbuster to acquire our movies for the evening, as per our usual Saturday night activity. Going to Blockbuster with friend G is always fun, as she's constantly pointing out movies which, to her great shock and surprise, I've never seen. The list of movies that need to be watched is getting to be quite large. For this weekends movie event, we chose Lilo & Stitch and Raising Arizona.

While I don't normally watch Disney movies, I enjoyed Lilo & Stitch and I put it right up there with Shrek and Monsters, Inc., two of my all time favorite cartoon based movies. I shall certainly be adding it to the "To Be Purchased" list. I didn't really enjoy Raising Arizona. The concept behind the story was interesting, but it was just to 'hoakey' for me. I like Nicholas Cage, but I just don't think this was a great role for him. About 30 minutes into it, I decided it was sleepy time and we'd pick up the rest of the movie in the morning.

So, Sunday, coffee, and movies. All day, movies. It was fun to watch movies we'd never otherwise necessarily watch. The best of the day that we viewed was Good Will Hunting, that won all those nominations for oscars. I really enjoyed that, made me think of A Beautiful Mind.

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Ahhhhh, hangovers suck, but if you want to play, you must pay, as it were. As per usual SOP (that's standard operating procedure for those that don't know), I got AaronMExtremeDrunk. Started out at friend's place down in the Financial District and breezed through a six pack of Newcastle Brown Ale and then a six pack of Bass Ale. Somewhere during that time, did the Texas Rotisserie for dinner. I've had better food and I've had a lot worse food.

About 11:30p the friend and I flew over to another friends place, he was throwin' a serious party situation to celebrate his birthday. More alcohol. Copious quantities of it in fact. Had a good time there, met up with my co-conspirator in tequila crimes, but alas, somewhere, somehow, someone slipped and did not stock the bar with any of the Agave goodness. You'd think that in Manhattan, there'd be a liquor store in the West Village area that was open, but alas, it was not too be!

Could not finish off the night without tequila, which meant it was necessary to take a trip to our favorite establishment. You may read previous entries to determine where that is if you are so inclined and have any interest.

So, from all this drinking, a good time was had by all and no animals were injured (knowingly).

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